HVAC And Refrigeration

HVAC and refrigeration equipment are materials commonly used in the heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and refrigeration industries. They include a wide range of products such as air conditioning units, heaters, refrigerators, freezers, and ventilation systems. HVAC and refrigeration equipment can be sourced from various manufacturers and suppliers, and B2BNiner.com provides a platform to easily connect businesses with suppliers to fulfill their equipment needs.

Chinese Translation for HVAC and refrigeration equipment

暖通空调和制冷设备: nuǎn tōng kōng tiáo hé zhì lěng shè bèi

Spanish Translation for HVAC and refrigeration equipment

Equipos de calefacción, ventilación, aire acondicionado y refrigeración (HVAC/R)

Brazilian Portuguese Translation for HVAC and refrigeration equipment

Equipamentos de aquecimento, ventilação, ar condicionado e refrigeração (HVAC/R)

  • NCM Code: 8415.90.90 (84159090)
  • HS Code: 8415.90 (841590)

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